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How can I determine the value of my work of art?

The value of a piece of art is determined by several items: The history and experience of the artist. The selling history of the artist. Comparable selling prices of similar artworks and the condition of the piece of art. Lastly, the cost of materials and time are taken into consideration.

Are photography and filming allowed at the Paul Mahder Gallery?

Yes. But we often ask that if you’re going to take photographs, that you tell us about your favorite pieces.

How can I introduce the Paul Mahder Gallery to my artwork?

At the Paul Mahder Gallery we will look at most everyone’s artwork. We usually do not look at unsolicited, in person requests to see work on your phone or in your car. Rather, we hope that you study the gallery’s artwork and vision to see if you feel your work is a good fit…and then send us a portfolio or website to introduce us to your work.

What are the public hours for the Paul Mahder Gallery?

From November – May we are open:

Thursday – Monday, 10am – 6pm

From May – November we are open

Wednesday – Monday, 10am – 6pm