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Patrick Duegaw

The individual images that represent my current body of work are in fact ‘scenes’ from a larger concept that I’ve been exploring for several years. These paintings, created with acrylic, ink, polyurethane and screws, and executed on complex wallboard substrates that were assembled from found and salvaged materials, record various self-constructed environments and their inhabitants. Through these, I’ve synthesized my background in architecture and construction, stage craft and fine art;  the resultant imagery is part of an on-going installation that I have termed the Painted Theatre Project,and, when referencing a specific ‘performance’, The Still PlayThe Painted Theatre Project, which is part installation, part theater production, incorporates detailed two-dimensional characters, props, and sets that replace living thespians, three-dimensional objects, and a stage.  Action is implied, rather than actually performed, and dialogue is written, in the form of text pieces that accompany each portrait, rather than spoken. This multidisciplinary investigation provokes a discourse between the inherently documentary properties of painting, drawing, poetry and architecture, and the deliberate ephemerality of performance and storytelling.


Patrick Duegaw was born in New York in 1966.  He received a degree in Architecture at Kansas State University in 1989, and co-founded Fisch Haus Studios* in 1990.  Duegaw, with his wife (artist Elizabeth Stevenson), lives and works both in the Fisch Haus in downtown Wichita, Kansas, and  in Montreal QC.

His painted constructs, executed on sheetrock substrates that he assembles from salvaged materials, record various self-built environments (also built from available materials) and the people who inhabit them.  The resultant imagery is part of an on-going ‘Painted Theater’ installation project he has termed the ‘Still Play’. Much of his current body of work was created while living in Montreal.

Duegaw has had seven large-scale solo exhibitions at the Fisch Haus, as well as in galleries in both Kansas City and San Francisco, shown nationally in many group shows, and will have his first major solo museum exhibition in 2009 at the Wichita Art Museum.  His work has been reviewed in Review, and Art In America magazines, and has been featured in New American Painters.


*Fisch Haus Studios is a multi-disciplinary art facility, located in the Commerce St. Art District, currently accommodating five full-time local artists as well as a steady stream of artists and musicians, both regional and international.   The artist cooperative was founded in 1990, and since 1993, has operated out of a three story warehouse that contains studio and gallery space, a full wood and metal shop and a graphic design studio.  The Fisch Haus produces several large-scale shows annually, and hosts numerous community art events, ranging from visiting artist exhibitions and performances, to lectures, classes, benefits, readings, and music festivals throughout the rest of the year; most all of which are offered free of charge and are open to all ages.  In 2004, Fisch Haus Studios formed a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation under Fisch Bowl, Inc., in order to bring Wichita a wider variety of cultural events, while still continuing the Fisch Haus founders’ tradition of excellence.



2010 Kansas Arts Commission (KAC) Collaboration Grant (with the Ulrich Museum)

2010 KAC Governor’s award runner-up

2006 KAC Fellowship for Painting

2004 Purchase Award; Wichita Art Museum

2001 Ulrich Museum’s Betty and Frank Brosius Award

1992 KAC Mini Fellowship

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